Top FM transmitter Apps For Android & iOS

Top FM transmitter Apps For Android & iOS

For all the music lovers out there, FM transmitter apps are made for you. You can have access to music on the go. Local news and other information are

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For all the music lovers out there, FM transmitter apps are made for you. You can have access to music on the go. Local news and other information are also broadcasted over the radio network, so you can keep yourself updated with that as well. Radio is the oldest gadget that was used for listening to news and music. If you wish to go a bit old school, you can have a portable radio on your smartphone.

Here’s our list of top 10 best FM transmitter apps for Android and iOS:

  1. Radio Tuner

    To start off, we have a very popular pick available both on Android and iOS. Radio Tuner is the perfect app with a collection of 50+ thousand radio stations. This includes stations in different languages and gives you abundant options to choose from. All the stations have a description of the content of the station. Read it and add stations as your favorites.

    Other noteworthy features include a timer, which you can set according to your need. The app will automatically be closed after the time limit. The app can run in the background, so you can do your other work on your smartphone while listening to your favorite music or news in the background.

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  2. Radio FM

    Radio FM works through the internet. You can listen to the content you want with this app. This gives you access to thousands of stations through which you can select your favorites. This app is a bit more than a music player. You can listen to the news, podcast, educational stations, and much more. All you need to do is, search the name of the station or give the frequency of the station.

    The app stores your searches and preferences, which makes it easy to use for the next time. This is a smart option to pick.

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  3. TuneLink

    This is one the best picks if you wish to listen to FM Radio whenever you want, with no connection issues. All you need to do is set the wave frequency of your desired station and you’re set to go. The app remembers your stations, so it gets easy to listen to the previously searched stations. You can pick from thousands of stations in various languages.

    The best part of the app is, you can connect it to your Bluetooth devices or car speakers. So, when you go for a long drive or a road trip, this TuneLink will provide you with your music.

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  4. My Tuner

    My Tuner is another very popular app in this list. This app has recorded multi-million downloads and many positive reviews. My Tuner gives you access to over 40 thousand radio stations spread across 200 countries. This means you can listen to various news, songs, podcasts, sports from different parts of the globe.

    This works via the internet and you can easily share the content through social media. This app highly ranked FM transmitter app in many countries. You can get an insight into the entertainment niches in different countries and cultures. You can look up stations by name, city, frequency. My Tuner has a collection of more than a million podcasts.

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  5. iHeartRadio

    iHeartRadio gives you access to thousands of AM and FM radio stations. The stations can be searched by names, language, city, or region. The app sorts stations in categories of mood and genre. The interface is quite cool and easy to use. It is a pretty popular app with over 50 million downloads.

    You can listen to your favourite sports, news, podcasts, and music. You can efficiently create playlists of your favourite songs and play them when you need your dose of entertainment. The app works very smooth and you can even set the pace of podcasts to a bit faster rate, which will save you some time.

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  6. SiriusXM

    SiriusXM is quite a compact app with very little storage requirements. It can work even when you are not having an internet connection. This app is smarter compared to the others on this list. Based on your searches and choices, it recommends songs from your favourite singers and genres. You can personalise the recommendation as per your need. The best part about this app is that it has no ads.

    You can choose from thousands of radio stations by looking them up by name or wave frequency. Enjoy limitless music with this app. SiriusXM has over 10 million downloads.

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  7. Simple Radio

    Simple Radio is an app developed by Streema that is pretty user friendly. It has access to 50+ thousand radio stations from Europe and across the globe. You can get the feel of classic radio players with this app because this gives you old-fashioned radio tuners. You will have your music, news, and sports on the go.

    This is probably the most reliable and simple radio app available in the market. The app is free to use. You can save your favourite stations which gives you one-tap access for the next use. Discover new music and listen to the trending tracks with this app, like other 10+ million users.

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  8. is a free app for both iOS and Android. This app gives you 30+ thousand stations to pick your favourite music. This app will provide you with all the regional stations, and you can also lookup for stations from around the globe. The stations are sorted in categories, which makes it convenient to search them. can be used to get an insight into the different cultures and learn different languages. Read the station description to get a preview about the content of the station. Then you can add stations to your favourites. You can also set a timer if you like to take naps while listening to music. This app has a collection of over 600,000 podcasts.

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  9. LiveXLive

    Formerly known as Slacker radio, LiveXLive is a radio app that is available in both free and premium versions. To get an ad-free experience, you can pay $3.99 monthly. But even the free version has a lot to offer. This is a streaming app that will provide you thousands of songs and videos from different languages.

    You can easily store and share your favourite tracks through social media. The app can be personalized for music recommendations. You can also listen to songs when offline. Music is available for data-free listening.

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  10. Clear FM

    Clear FM is another free app that will provide you all your music, news, sports updates, and podcasts. This app has an interesting feature that tracks your location and recommends the content from your local stations and languages. This app can work as a music player as well. So, you can play your locally stored tracks as well.

    This app stores your user history and you can listen to your earlier choices by looking in history. This makes navigation easy. But as of now, this app is only available on the iOS platform.

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