Mymetro App: How Does It Work? Know Some Details

Mymetro App: How Does It Work? Know Some Details

You may have heard about "myMetro," but you have no idea what the application does or how you can have it. The technological field advances every day,

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You may have heard about “myMetro,” but you have no idea what the application does or how you can have it. The technological field advances every day, and you, as an enthusiast, should adapt to new applications. In this case, myMetro is an application that offers you different mobile network services that might interest you.

MyMetro is an application created in Germany that serves the purpose of helping you pay bills, mobile recharges, and other services for everyday use. You will have access to a free application that you can download from any App store. myMetro is available to T-Mobile customers, where you will also have questions about the term.

T-Mobile would correspond to the name of a company that operates in several countries offering its mobile network services. This telephone network company operates from Germany and has subsidiaries around the world with LTE and GSM networks. All the people who use this type of network are known as T-Mobile.

MyMetro Features

If you are attracted to the myMetro application, you may be encouraged to discover its special features. myMetro is an App that makes a good impression because it stands out in:

  • It is a multiple platforms

In myMetro, you can check the balance you have in your mobile account, either LTE or GSM. Within the App, you can purchase new packages or top up your phone number. The App also offers you notifications so that you are aware of the cut-off date of your plan.

You will have a multipurpose platform that will help you have a better experience with your mobile. From myMetro, you can easily manage your 3G, 4G, and soon 5G plans.

  • Online store

From myMetro you can buy mobile phones as long as the company is linked to a store in your country. You can be the first to buy a state-of-the-art Android or IOS phone. This App allows you to take some discounts on the purchase of the phone you want.

You can also buy multipurpose watches that have been a trend in the last year by several international brands. You can find microSD cards, headphones, earphones, covers, chargers, and other products for your mobile on the platform.

  • Offers

As myMetro seeks to please its customers, you will enjoy its multiple offers in the application. You can get the best discounts on the purchase of smartphones or other accessories you need. This App also returns a part of the money you have used in the purchase to recharge it to your phone number.

Details about MyMetro

In case you didn’t know, myMetro is owned by MetroPCS Wireless, a company based in Germany. The weight of the application is 49 megabytes and falls into the business category. You will not have to pay a penny to have the application on your mobile phone available on iTunes.

Regarding compatibility, myMetro is available on Android or IOS devices. You must have a device with at least IOS version 9.0 for iPhone and 7.0 for Android for the application to be available.

Other details that you may have about myMetro would be:

  • It has more than 100,000,000 installations.
  • Its last update was on August 19, 2021.
  • myMetro will have 5G technology in the iPhone 12.

You can visit the myMetro website to have more details about the service and download the App.

App versions

The myMetro payment application went through several versions; some of these may not be allowed for your mobile phone because they are already very old. You can check out myMetro updates under the patches:

  • MyMetro HTML 3.0 v- 470016

The pilot version was released on November 29, 2018, under patch 3.0 for you to install. When myMetro launched this version, it did not offer as many products as it does today. However, it was a refreshing application.

Within the platform in version 3.0 470016, you had an online chat and graphics updates available. The application worked very well, although it lacked some important functions.

  • MyMetro HTML 3.0 v- 470025

When myMetro went to version 470025, several of your customers may have been dissatisfied with the modifications. This new version of the payment services app did not offer anything refreshing, so it was not popular. The new version only served as a marketing campaign for other people to use myMetro.

  • MyMetro HTML 3.0 v- 470013

With more than two months in operation, the myMetro team decided to update with new improvements. Version 470013 of patch 3.0 did not have as many new features as expected, but it did change some design errors. This version was released on January 18, 2019.

  • MyMetro HTML 3.0 v- 470018

Two months later, the myMetro team organized to announce version 470018 that fixed the payment problems. This version was released on March 19, 2019.

  • MyMetro HTML 3.0 v- 500012

Since the last update, the myMetro developers did not wait more than three months to announce their new patch. Version 500012 of the App was released on May 28, 2019. The update brought improvements to the chat service as well as renewed help support.

  • MyMetro HTML 3.0 v- 510009

With version 510009, the help support in myMetro changed significantly, and the server started offering data plans. After the update, you could recharge your mobile and activate mobile data. This version was released at the end of September 2019.

  • MyMetro 530029

To date, this is the last update that myMetro has had with version 530029. In this update, the platform eliminated the slow service, the online store, and some extra settings that customers like.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS Are they the same?

By the end of 2018, the T-Mobile company left the MetroPCS company, so several online services were terminated. T-Mobile called itself “metro,” being the competition of MetroPCS today. At T-Mobile, you can find the same myMetro services except that these open to Android and maintain their partnership with IOS.

Failures in MyMetro

Customers using myMetro have reported several glitches in their interface, either because it is slow or crashes. Among the most common problems that have been seen in the App are:

  • Payment methods are not saved.

One customer reported that myMetro has failed to save the payments he used for each transaction. The client mentioned that the application only deletes the data provided, forcing him to write it down again. When trying to save payments, the application throws an error message.

  • Hidden account numbers

Another customer reported that myMetro was having trouble displaying the account number. To avoid this failure, you will have to look for the account number at one end of the application. When the App sends payment notifications, you will be able to see your account number.

  • Slow platform

Since myMetro was launched in 2018, users have reported that the platform tends to be slow at times. You may feel like payments take longer than usual, or the application just won’t let you access it.

The developer team at myMetro makes every effort to fix these bugs that have been reported. It may be that in the coming weeks, a new version of the App will be launched where all the problems are solved.

How do I download myMetro to my computer?

Now that you fully understand what myMetro is, the functions it fulfills, and its layout, you should try to download it. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can use the application with an Android emulator. You only need to have a computer with an internet connection to have the payment services App.

You have to comply with a series of steps to have the myMetro Apk on your Windows or Mac computer:

  1. You have to find, download and install an Android emulator on your Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 computer. You can download emulators like Bluestacks, NOX Apk Player, or Memu.
  2. When you finish the process of downloading and installing the emulator of your choice, you have to run it.
  3. On the emulator’s home screen, you will have to go to Google Play and start the registration process.
  4. Access the Play Store and search for the myMetro application.
  5. Download the App and wait for it to be installed in the emulator.
  6. After you install myMetro, you have to start the application and enjoy it.


With myMetro, you will have access to all the functions that your network connection needs to keep you connected. You will not have to resort to external recharge services by having myMetro on your mobile phone. This application has been in operation for almost three years, its popularity is very good, and its use is international.

With myMetro, you can change your phone plan and enjoy a better internet connection. Within the application, you will enjoy your online store and the recharge services that never stop. You can seamlessly download and install myMetro on your Android or IOS mobile phone, just like your computer.

You don’t have to miss out on this phone service app trending for all its special features. myMetro tries to redeem itself from all the failures it has had so that you have the best experience when using it. The application is being prepared by the new 5G technology that you will have available at no cost.

myMetro has an excellent way ahead showing how important recharge services are from your mobile. You can test the application today and have your own opinion on how it works. Don’t hesitate to use myMetro; it’s free for your device.


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