Best Free Weather Apps for Android

Best Free Weather Apps for Android

Having the weather forecast on the convenience at your hand gives more liberty to people. In such times where technology is everywhere, there are lots

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Having the weather forecast on the convenience at your hand gives more liberty to people. In such times where technology is everywhere, there are lots of mobile apps that come with weather forecast which can be viewed while on the move. This article features some of the best free Android weather apps that we have selected in terms of popularity, usability and functionality.

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If you have Android phone, have a look at all the best free Android weather apps that will help you stay informed while you are traveling.


Accuweather is used by more than a million people worldwide. It helps them protect their lives, plan their business. It provides hourly forecasts with good accuracy through bulletins and video presentations that are available on smartphones, tablets and their web site It also provides personalized information about the weather of your location in many ways and in thirty-three languages. The app will give you temperature, humidity, wind velocity and sunrise/sunset times. It has a minute cast feature to provide minute by minute prediction on rain.

Weather Underground

This network is linked to eighty thousand weather stations working independently. It compiles the data received from them and forms its own customized report that is trustworthy. This app has a feature to predict the weather for ten days with extreme weather condition alert, snow and winter reports. It has also an interactive map displaying all weather stations, satellites, animated radars with other related data.


It is a powerful android weather app that has all the required features. It provides location based real time weather forecasts for any location worldwide. It gives weather predictions a week in advance. It provides hourly forecasts about temperature, rain, precipitation, severe weather conditions, sunrise/sunset and lunar stages.

The weather channel

The weather channel is one of the top weather apps on android that provides accurate weather forecasts for any location in the world. It also provides weather news, breathing index, UV index, lightening alert, pollen alert including many widgets. It permits reporting of the current weather conditions of your city. The weather channel forecasts data for thirty-six hours and you can also summarize it by reducing it to ten days. It can be personalized for the current location or for the location you may want to visit. It has got a well designed and easy to operate interface. The widget can be added to your home screen which will give you minutely forecast on the screen of your smartphone.

Go Weather

Go Weather is another pick for the weather forecasting on your smartphone. It provides highly accurate information. It is recognized for its simple and easy to operate interface that covers weather data in countless locations across the world. It identifies the location you are in automatically and sets it as your default location for the purpose of weather forecasts. You can choose your favorite locations and store it and it will provide the forecasts for the location as you swipe it to that location. It provides information on the current weather like the temperature, wind speed, humidity and visibility etc.

Yahoo Weather


Yahoo weather app has been developed by Yahoo and is the official android app. It displays the weather conditions with nice pictures and permits you to submit the same for your location if you wish to. It provides weather forecasts hourly, five days and ten days. The feature includes weather information on temperature, humidity, precipitation, radar information and UV index etc. It also provides sunrise/sunset and wind speed.

Weather & Radar


Weather & Radar provides you eight days forecasts on rain, probability, quantity and duration. It also provides weather radar and rain radar. You can choose the locations worldwide. The weather for your default location is automatically displayed on your screen. You can swipe to the left to find the weather for the next hours and days to come. The weather radar tells you the location where the sun is shining and the location where it is cloudy and likely to rain. The weather radar also provides information on the temperatures too.

Weather forecast


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This app forecasts the weather of over ten thousand locations around the world. It provides weather prediction for a ten days period with updating four times a day. The interactive customized maps forecast temperature, weather and wind. Upon selecting the weather today forecast tell you three hourly live weather reports. You can also go through the photo albums of hurricanes, tornados and floods all over the world. It also gives you alerts for hurricanes, floods and other extreme weather conditions.

Arcus Weather


Arcus weather allows you to view the radar map to ascertain current weather conditions and daily forecasts. It uses a number of graphs to present the weather conditions. It provides precise weather forecasts in minute details. It has a material design with an easy to operate interface. It also provides severe weather forecasts. It comes with home screen widget and customizable data points. Notification bar information and unit conversion settings are also embedded into it.

Dark Sky


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The Dark Sky are the specialists in weather forecasting and visualizations. It produces forecasts with down to the minute predictions. Dark Sky is claimed to have the accurate weather predictions. It recognizes when the rain is going to start and stop. It gives the forecasts not for the city or the town you are in instead it gives the forecasts for the exact place you are in. It delivers all weather information including severe weather alerts on your lock screen that can be viewed when you start the day.

These are all the best free Android weather apps which we have selected for you. Are you using any of these weather apps? If yes, which one, do let us know in the comments section below.