5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Android Phones

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Android Phones

Almost everybody today has a smartphone in his hand or pocket. But only the most geeky ones among us wonder which is the best Operating System (OS) th

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Almost everybody today has a smartphone in his hand or pocket. But only the most geeky ones among us wonder which is the best Operating System (OS) that should power these devices.

If you follow what users like the most, it is always a battle between Android and iOS. In fact, according to an article by MBASKOOL, the top five smartphone brands in 2017 are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo. Four out of five of these brands run with Android.

Android has arguably improved by leaps and bounds, up to the point where it has been deemed as one of the best operating systems today together with iOS. Of course, there are many objectives and subjective opinions on this. There will always be customers who prefer iOS over Android and vice versa.

If you are still deciding whether or not to get an Android phone, here are five reasons why it might be the choice for you over other smart phone brands running with a different operating system.

  1. Customizable Interface

Nowadays all smartphones are customizable at some level. However, in terms of user interface, Android phones are the most customizable of the lot, especially when you compare them to iOS where details are left much simpler.

Aside from using widgets on your home screen, you can also use custom keyboards that provide a unique input method. Different themes are also available for you to download. These themes do not just alter what your home screen looks like, but also transform the entire look of your phone.

  1. The range of Phone Selection

Smart phones are so widespread, if you go to a coffee shop you could see a student, sitting next to a mom, a CEO, a business owner and a gamer. They would all be using their various devices for totally different activities (accessing uni courses, remotely watching her kids, logging to the company intranet, replying to customers, or playing games).

Some people wonder how it is possible to purchase a brand new Android phone at such a low price as the ones found in some marketplaces. The very nature of Android is any phone company can produce smartphones and run it on Android. Because of this unique ability, people can get a wider selection of budget-friendly yet well-performing devices.

If you are looking for a phone that is within a cheaper price range, you will surely find an Android option that fits your requirements.

  1. Flexible Application Downloads

Android uses Google Play Store to download different applications for your phone. However, this is not the only place to get the apps you love. You can actually toggle an option to install certain apps and software from third-party sources.

This may sound a bit unsafe, but for tech-savvy customers, this is a huge plus factor. With an iPhone downloading apps must strictly be done through the app store, or you would need to jailbreak your unit first to get around this. However, this is not a good idea for iPhone users due to many different reasons.

  1. Use It As A Hard Drive

Aside from downloading any applications and software with ease, you can actually use your Android phones as a hard drive and store multiple files on it. You can copy, delete and view files just like you would on a regular flash drive. This makes it very easy for users to transfer their documents, videos, photos, and other downloaded files to any computer they want.

This is unlike the iOS where you can only copy videos and photos from it, as the rest of its file system is barricaded. You may only add files (videos, music, etc) using iTunes or other iOS approved software.

  1. Removable Batteries and Universal Chargers

Not all, but many of the Android phones sold in the market have a removable battery that you can simply replace whenever you like. After a while, the phone’s battery will start to lose its capacity. Even if you buy the most expensive phone, this will still be the case. Unlike built-in batteries (such as some of the units sold by Asus, Oppo, Huawei, and iPhone), you can easily purchase a generic one from Amazon and pop it in.

Android phones also use micro USB chargers – which is the most standard charger on almost all of the devices (excluding Apple products). If you leave your charger at home, you can simply use any micro USB charger from any device and it will charge your phone just fine.

There is no denying that different operating systems in smartphones have their own pros and cons. Choosing the brand and unit all points to user preference.

If you want to customize your phone and enjoy the perks of an expandable memory, you can select an Android phone. However, if you enjoy a simpler phone with a user-friendly interface and less particular with customization, you can choose iOS instead.