How To Delete ALL Photos from your Android Device?

How To Delete ALL Photos from your Android Device?

If you are willing to delete all your photos on your Android device, then you are at the right place. You must be aware of how to avoid spending hours

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If you are willing to delete all your photos on your Android device, then you are at the right place. You must be aware of how to avoid spending hours of time sifting through all photos and delete them one photo at a time. All new and regular users of the Android mobile devices get 100% satisfaction because of the best-in-class applications and facilities in different categories. Individuals with a requirement for deleting all photos as the Android phone’s memory is full can focus on the following details and make a well-informed decision to fulfill such requirements.

Back up your photos

You have to back your photos up soon after you are really set on removing the overall Android phone photos. This is because you can retrieve any photo later as per your need. Google Photos is a well-known application for users of Android. This app lets users back up their photos over Wi-Fi in easy and quick ways.

You can back up the overall device or select particular folders for their selections. You will be happy to access such photos on any device where you can use the Google Photos application. You have to sign in to your Google account for accessing such photos.  The overall time required for the process of the photo backup depends on the Internet speed and the total number of photos. The following step-by-step details guide you to back up all your photos on the Android phone.

  • Download the Google Photos app
  • Sign in to the Google account
  • Plug the phone in and connect to Wi-Fi
  • Tap on the profile icon accessible on the upper right-hand side of the application
  • Choose Settings
  • Check the Back up and Sync option
  • Ensure that this is turned on

Once the upload process is completed, you can find a small cloud icon at the page’s top with a small checkmark which lets you to know that all your photos are safe on the cloud. You can check photos when you log into your computer. You can organize photos by using the chronological scroll bar accessible on the right side of the screen.

Google Photos supports its users to delete all photos and videos after such content has been uploaded to the cloud. You can access this facility right under the Backup notification. You can get extra options when you click on this facility.  For example, you can get a message about how many items will remove from the phone and how much room you can free up. This message is very helpful to confirm that your photos and videos are backed up to the Google account in the safe way.

Delete photos with Gallery apps

Deleting photos using the Google Photos app not only delete the photos from the Android phone but also delete the cloud backups. You can use the standard Gallery app on the phone and delete all photos. Your phone may only have the Google Photos app. In such case, you can use the third-party gallery app and delete photos off your phone.

The overall instructions to delete the entire photo gallery on Android phones with any operating system and manufacturer are relatively similar. You can open the Gallery application and long-press one of the albums. A checkmark appears. You have to tap the trash can icon and tap move to trash.

You can get so many sections in the album view along with your camera roll like the downloads, screenshots, and other apps that save photos to your Android phone. You can delete each album individually and get the best benefits.

Delete photos with the File manager apps

You can use the File Manager apps and delete all your Android photos. You can use a file browser designed to do the similar task of the gallery app method for removing photos. This is worthwhile to use either the stock file manager or a third-party manager from the app. You have to go through the file system and find the folders including the photos you like to delete. You will get different benefits from a proper use of this system and be encouraged to use it whenever you like to delete photos.