Amateur(ish) view on Android vs iPhone

Amateur(ish) view on Android vs iPhone

To preface this whole article and to throw in a little disclaimer before I go on to share my opinion. I don't consider myself an expert with either An

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To preface this whole article and to throw in a little disclaimer before I go on to share my opinion. I don’t consider myself an expert with either Android nor iPhone but I am a tinkerer and think of myself as an above-average user. I enjoy figuring things out, getting the maximum out of my gadgets, finding out what works best and what’s most suited for certain tasks, getting the best value for my money and, overall, having fun with my tech.

With all of that being said, you might have already guessed I am mainly an “Android guy”. Not to say that I “hate iPhone” and would never consider it in my life; I most certainly would, under the right conditions. There are plenty of categories to consider when choosing between one or the other and even the most basic user should be aware of some of them. For many consumers, one of the main topics can be the price. New iPhones keep coming out with each being more expensive than the last. Prices have skyrocketed so much even the most dedicated fans have started being content with older versions of iPhones and don’t consider upgrading every time it’s possible. Granted, there are Android phones which are even more expensive but there are a bunch of those that are way cheaper. You can have a decent functioning Android for under $100 yet you can give as much as a couple of thousands for a premium device. The options are nearly limitless and, therefore much better suited for a wider audience. Entry-level smartphones are amazing for users under budget or those that have only the most basic requirements.

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Midrange phones are great for your average user and even those more demanding while flagship phones feature state of the art technology and can even rattle iPhone’s throne as the ultimate tech fashion statement. Undoubtedly, that is a huge reason why many prefer the iPhone over the Android smartphone. A lot of people simply love the looks and the feeling they get with iPhone and the good old Apple logo and that is perfectly reasonable. After all, we love to feel good using our tech, and everyone prefers different things. Not to say that iPhones are just there to look pretty. When it comes to design, materials, finish touch, they are way ahead of many and are rightfully trendsetters in the industry.

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Without going further into controversial topics and whether they “borrowed” some designs from other companies, ultimately they are the ones that make things appealing to the masses. You can watch those Snapchat nudes on the cheapest smartphone and the most expensive iPhone and see the same thing, but the experience will be different. Performance-wise iPhone is fast and overall great, but that comes with a price. There are cheaper Androids which are faster but with a worse screen or camera and vice versa. In the end, every phone lets you enjoy the best free sex games. It’s all about preferences.