OnePlus 6 tips and tricks you need to know

OnePlus 6 tips and tricks you need to know

The latest OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 6, an enormous smartphone come with a beautiful display, much improved camera and new vitreous. And even if t

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The latest OnePlus flagship, the OnePlus 6, an enormous smartphone come with a beautiful display, much improved camera and new vitreous. And even if the new phone shares to squeeze a lot of features with its predecessors, it still manages in a few new tricks. So if you just picked your OnePlus 6 or they have had since launch day, here are some OxygenOS are tricks you might try on your new device.

Access Hidden Space for apps

The OnePlus 6 has a hidden space where you can hide apps. To access it, open the App Drawer and drag the hidden space from the sidebar on the left.

Then select the apps you want to move into the secret space. Changed your mind? You can unhide them by long pressing on the app icon.

How to customize your OnePlus 6 with OxygenOS

With OxygenOS, the OnePlus 6 gives you tons of options to customize the interface. To change the look of the icons, long press on the home screen and tap on Settings > Icon Pack. You can then choose from the default OnePlus icons, square icons, or round ones. If you tap on the More icon, you can browse the different icons available in the Google Play Store.

There’s an option to customize the buttons as well. By going to Settings > Buttons, you can adjust the settings for the Home button, Recents button, and Back button by switching the action for each one. For example, rather than the long press action triggering Google Assistant, you can choose to turn off the screen, open Shelf, or no action. Additional options to customize the display include Lift to Wake, which automatically awakens the screen when you pick up the phone. This can be accessed through Settings > Display > Ambient display, where you can toggle on Lift up display. This is also where you can toggle on the New Notifications setting, which wakes the screen whenever you receive notifications.


Notch, be gone!

Many fans were quite disappointed that the OnePlus 6 has a notch. For a company that has built its reputation by going against the grain, OnePlus seemed all-too-willing to jump on board the notch design trend.

Indeed, the notch is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing for Android users. If you fall in the latter category, then you’ll be glad to know that OnePlus gives you the option to hide the notch.

Bye-bye notch

Simply go to Settings > Display > Notch Display. Tap on Hide the notch area to activate a Compatibility mode which won’t allow fullscreen apps to use the notch area.

Enable gesture navigation

At the beginning of the year, OnePlus introduced the option to replace the standard on-screen nav buttons with gestures in a 5T beta. The company has kept these around and they are available on the OnePlus 6.

To enable gesture navigation, you need to jump to the phone’s Settings Buttons Navigation bar and gestures. You’ll get three options to choose from, from which you need to select Navigation gestures.

After tapping on it, you’ll be all set to start using gestures, as follows:

  • Home: swipe straight up from the middle of the bottom of the screen. This should take you to the home screen from any app or menu.
  • Back: swipe straight up from the left or right third of the bottom of the screen. This will take you back with one step.
  • Recent apps: Swipe straight up from the middle of the bottom of the screen and hold for a second. You should see the app switcher showing a list of the apps you previously opened.

Get Face Unlock under control

Face unlock on the OnePlus 6 is super-fast. Which is great, for the most part. But what if you just wanted to take a quick glimpse at the lock screen notifications without being promptly sent to the home screen?

Well, fortunately, you can. Navigate to Settings>Security & lock screen>Face unlock and toggle off the option “Auto unlock after the screen in on”.

Now when you unlock the phone, it will land you on the lock screen instead of the home screen. So you can quickly check out your notifications and lock the phone again.

How to turn on Reading mode and Night mode

For those who like to use their smartphone as an ebook reader, the OnePlus 6 helps to make it more enjoyable with Reading Mode. You can enable it by going to Settings > Display > Reading Mode to toggle it on. If you don’t want to have it on all the time, you can instead choose to turn it on for specific apps only. By tapping on the Add apps for Reading Mode section, you can choose specific apps you prefer to have the feature on for.

For Night Mode, go to Settings > Display > Night Mode. From there, you can toggle on Night Mode manually or allow it to turn on automatically. There’s an option to automatically enable it from sunset to sunrise, or schedule it by picking a custom time range so it will turn on automatically between certain hours.