How to access Facebook full site on Android

How to access Facebook full site on Android

Here you will find how to visit Facebook Full Site on Android/iPhones. There are few methods are available to access Facebook Desktop site on the mobi

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Here you will find how to visit Facebook Full Site on Android/iPhones. There are few methods are available to access Facebook Desktop site on the mobile which you will find in this post.

The Facebook is the most used Social Media site on the internet. Currently, The users of the Facebook are increasing in the tremendous numbers as it is from the Best Social Media Platform available there. The reason for the popularity of Facebook is its due to the Features provided facebook for their users. You can upload Share unlimited photos, can access various Groups, Group Chat, Messenger UI, Saved & various other features which makes it popular in this category.

But whenever you visit this site through a mobile browser it lacks some features. And most of the times the Facebook app consume too much data. Whenever you visit the desktop version of facebook it gets redirected to Mobile version. As the Mobile version lacks some features on which you will find on the Desktop version. Below are some ways to browse full site of Facebook on any smartphone.

Method 1 – Direct Access to Facebook Desktop site

If the above method didn’t work for you then you can try visiting full site on mobile using the link given below. Whenever you visit facebook it gets redirects to or Hence, By using the direct link given below you can directly access the site.

1. Open your favorite browser i.e Google Chrome, UC Browser, Safari etc.

2. Go to

3. You will see the desktop version of Facebook on your screen.

Not worked for you? You can try another method to make it possible mentioned below.

Method 2 – Access Facebook Full Site on Browsers

This is the easiest way to access facebook full version site on your smartphone. Most Browsers have a built-in setting to switch the current Mobile version of the site into Desktop version. You just need to find the setting and that’s all you can Switch to Desktop version of that Website.

You can also find “Request Desktop Site” on any Browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, UC Browser, Opera Mini .etc.

Visit Desktop site of Facebook On Google Chrome

Google Chrome is used by many peoples on the android devices. Whenever you tried to access Facebook on Google Chrome, It opens Facebook App layout version which is quite annoying for some users. Hence, this method is useful those users.

1. Open Google Chrome, Go to You will be redirected to Facebook Mobile version.

2. Click on the three Dots next to URL bar.

3. Now, Scroll down and Tick on “Desktop site“.

4. As soon as you tick on it the current page will Reload and you will be in the Desktop version of Facebook Site.

Open Facebook Full Site on UC Browser

UC Browser is another popular browser on the internet. However, Here the setting to open Desktop version of any site is different than Google Chrome & Safari.

1. Open UC Browser, Go to You will be redirected to Facebook app style site or if you have enabled Browse Facebook faster then you will be in Minimal facebook version page.

2. Go to Settings > Browser Setting > Website Preferences (UA) > Others > Tap on the three dots & Choose “Desktop“.

Now, It will launch every website in the Desktop mode.

The same thing applies to iPhones or Safari browser.

That’s it! The simple trick. If you like this post then please share this post on the Social Media! If you have any doubt related this then do comment below.