Best Sports Apps for 2020

Best Sports Apps for 2020

Back in the day, following sports news without physically being present at a particular sporting event wasn't as easy as it is now because people only

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Back in the day, following sports news without physically being present at a particular sporting event wasn’t as easy as it is now because people only had access to non-electronic media. Due to this, there was no real-time update mechanism for sports-related stats. Due to the debut of electronic media such as the radio, television, internet and especially the smartphone, checking these stats has become so much easier. People have the ability to look at scores in real-time and even stream these events live without being physically present at the sporting event. Due to the rapid adoption of smartphones, people have replaced newspapers, radios, televisions, etc. with smartphones. Nowadays, there’s an app for almost everything and it’s no different when it comes to sports.

Mobile phones have been evolving rapidly in the pasts few years and they have made the whole world accessible at your fingertips. Apps have been developed and introduced in almost every industry like banking, social media, movie, music, etc. and now sports apps are also as good as any other app. All you want is a single app even if you’re a fan of either football or cricket or tennis, you can always get real-time updates and stats and even breakdowns of previous games. So, if you don’t want to waste time trying out every sports apps out there this is the right place for you. In this article, the best sports apps for both IOS and Android will be discussed in detail along with some of the best betting apps too. The betting apps often supply some really good and up to date content and predictions related to Sports and specific popular matches. Those apps give you the option to receive live data about games that you placed a bet on, and by that, they basically bring a lot of value to the user. Let’s go through the best options for sports apps.


ESPN is not a new name for any sports fan. The world-widely known American sports media conglomerate, Entertainment, and Sports Programming Networks is the to-go sports news channel or the website in almost all around the world. They also have allowed the fans to enjoy the daily updates and real-time updates of live games on the go with their brilliant mobile app. This app allows the user to not only view score updates or timetables/schedules but also grants the privilege to stream selected games on your smartphone. This app is possibly among the top 3 apps for sports because it is stacked with some cool features and the interface is very simple and elegant. The app asks for your favorite sports leagues and teams upon the first-time signup and delivers the news and updates according to your preference. This can be changed at any point and the best part is you can even watch live streams. The app is available to download at Google Play Store and iTunes.


LiveScore is another great app for viewing schedules and results and stats along with highlights. The app features sport Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis and Cricket currently and the main interface is really simple showing the schedules of the future for each game. Another plus feature of this app is that the interface is with a black accent. Nowadays when everyone is searching for a dark mode on every app, LiveScores throwing that it is pretty handy. It is also available for both Android and IOS making it a top contender in the top sports apps’ category.


365Scores might just be the ultimate app for the fans who’d like to earn some cash over their favorite teams’ victories. This app brilliantly and clearly delivers the experience to the user as it has several tabs for schedules and news separately. This app also asks for your favorite teams and leagues, and provide with updates relevant to your preferences. 365Scores earns a huge spotlight on this category as it also facilitates users to wager on their favorite matches on this app itself. Bet365 is a very famous betting site and 365Scores is affiliated with it making the whole betting experience really easy and efficient.


So, considering the options mentioned above, all of them are really useful and unique in their own ways. ESPN app covers a lot of other sports and leagues comparing to the others and the LiveScores app provides a better and elegant approach to the schedules while 365Scores covers from news to schedules to stats to even betting! So when selecting the perfect app, consider what you actually prefer most and make the choice accordingly.